General Terms and Conditions

All of the vehicles are brand new. Only a limited number of cars are available at these prices, which do not include VAT. Choose the vehicle of your choice (type, category, color) from the Europcar Lease fleet, and it is picked up from the nearest Europcar service station within 15 days. Fuel and any other charges associated with using the car (e.g. tolls, traffic calls, etc.) are not included in the offer. Leases require credit checks.

Included in the offer are:

Coverage for comprehensive car insurance

There is full insurance coverage (third party liability, accident care & own damages, partial – total burglary, fire, natural phenomena, and crystal breakage).

✔ Roadside Assistance, replacement car

24-hour roadside assistance and a replacement car are provided.

✔ Maintenance, Tires & Road Taxes

Maintenance and repairs at authorized servicers – repairers of Kinsen-Europcar’s choice. The tires should be changed every 40,000 kilometers, as well as the road tax.

Additional Benefits

✔ For additional Europcar products, you can rent with a discount of up to 40%. A 5% discount is offered on simple rentals in Greece lasting from 1 to 7 days in all categories.